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People are tired of “Corporate Design”

Posted in 1, Digital business, Web 2.0 on December 19, 2012 by Geir Stene

17dec_imageThere are millions of boring websites with the stereotypes of visual imagery.  The visual content is more important than text content!

Increase your expectations from the professionals who help you and ask them to surprise you.

The web is important, but remember: “Mobile first” is vital for 2013. Mobile and tablet solutions have a long way to go before the design and user experience (UX) is fully explored.  Dare to play and explore – But remember, be relevant!

Do not remove attention from the core business.

“A picture tells more than a thousand words!”


What about “crowd sourcing”?

Posted in 1, collaboration, Community, Digital business, digital collaboration, IT and communication, Web 2.0 on December 15, 2012 by Geir Stene

15dec_imageLast year Crowd sourcing was a ‘hip’ word. This year it starts making sense. But what is crowd sourcing and how does it work?

There is plenty of literature, speeches and opinions on the subject to find on the net.


To ask your users or other crowds is a great way to get feedback, to help improve your services and products.

And it is really something people want to do: To help you!

Crowd sourcing can provide tremendous value for you, because you have access to potentially a lot of, very motivated and talented people.

Brainstorming and specific proposals can be produced in large numbers and very quickly. Problems can be resolved quickly and you have greater accuracy in terms of being ‘spot on’ market needs.

Innovation, research, entrepreneurial companies are just a few examples of who / how to use crowd sourcing for improving your business or other activities.

One pitfall is if people feel “used” by you instead of happy for being able to help out. My advice is to do your homework before you make your next project a crowd sourcing project.

It’s extremely important to  give proper feedback to all who contribute! Crowd sourcing project is all about you delivering more value to those who helped you, than the effort they gave you!

“The more you give, the more you get back”

Did you attend to a Workshop lately? – Or was it a “cover-up” for yet a meeting?

Posted in 1, Digital business, Web 2.0 on December 13, 2012 by Geir Stene

13 dec imageWhat is the difference between a meeting and a Workshop? One could argue that a effective meeting is about making decisions between known facts, whereas a workshop is to sort out what is the best options between many yet unknown.

I’m not at all sure if this is a precise enough distinction, you maybe have thought about this.

Workshop methodology is not about the “sticky notes”. There is nothing wrong with  Post It , but there are many more appropriate tools and techniques to bring out creative ideas and possible solutions to problems.

I’ve listed some workshop methods / techniques / exercises I have worked with (Far from  complete as a list, but to inspiration for some of you?)

Out of the box–  thinking ,moving viewpoint, discover new opportunities

Brainstorming workshop – get the diversity of ideas up on the table

Business process reengineering – finding alternative ways to deliver added value

Kaizen – building lasting change

Six Thinking Hats – challenge established thought patterns

SWOT – Analytical approach to a problem put in context

Benchmarking – comparisons and choices  in a “landscape”

Scenario Workshop – part of strategy development, where alternative routes are enabled

“The War Room” workshop – creating artificial crises to promote new decision opportunities

Incentive workshop – positive involvement and “carrot” principle to produce solutions

Lego Serious Play – depth understanding and complex problem solving

Taking a course in workshop management is a very good idea, because it is not a mechanical exercise to facilitate workshops. It requires pedagogical skills and that you love to help groups and diverse personalities. One needs to be able to reduce own ego and strengthen others self-esteem and confidence.

Know-how of workshop methodologies and expertise in facilitation of such is important in the context of digital strategy because digitization of most businesses is all about change.

“Several people create more together, than one by one”

Simplicity wins every time

Posted in 1, Digital business, Digital media, Web 2.0 on December 7, 2012 by Geir Stene

7.dec_imageIt is really difficult to communicate complex messages in an easy and clear manner.


In any event – do just that!



Keep It Simple Stupid! K.I.S.S.

Advertising just in time

Posted in 1, Digital business, Web 2.0 on December 5, 2012 by Geir Stene

dec.5_imageWe are “bombarded by messages.” It’s said that we are exposed for 3,500 messages every day. The overload makes us filter out more than 90%. Adverts are messages that are quickly filtered out.

Yet, how great would it be to get the ad you need, just when you need it? Imagine that the sweet deal is there right in time!

In our digital world it becomes more and more possible to formulate messages targeting only those who have a need, where they are and when they want an offer.

Ads can be placed contextual. Commercial messages may be directed to singular users, based upon their behavior. The value of segmentation can easily be increased by geo- location services. began to do such things long ago. Google and Facebook are also working on this and it is no coincidence that commercials on Facebook is bases on the search terms you have made in Google, and that the ads are tailored to your page profile. They are based on who you are, who your friends are, your interests and what you have done on your PC, or mobile. But all this is still in its infancy.

How much of these techniques are you ready to implement in your company? If your company focuses even more on the information you have about your customers,their actions (“big data”) and utilize this knowledge, you can pinpoint your message to those who want it, to those who are in a specific situation or in a given geographic place.

“Be in the right place with the right offer to the right person”

How do you interact with your online customers?

Posted in 1, Digital business, Digital media, Web 2.0 on December 4, 2012 by Geir Stene

4.desemberIt may be painful when customers tell you what they think of your company or service. But is it really bad for you? When your customers complain, they are committed and will really like to help you – if you let them!

Feedback is a gift and of great value for your business. Do you let that value go to waste? You may turn negative feedback into: New and better products / services, improved customer service, improved communication, better visibility on the web, adjust what activities you focus on  in various  channels etc. All of this is very complicated and expensive for your business to find out by other means.

Invite and participate in dialogues in all the digital channels your customers are active on.

Make use of what you learn and establish internal systems that pick up knowledge, refine it and take action.

Be grateful for criticism and be thankful towards your customers for the help they give you.

What to pay?

Posted in 1, Digital business, Digital media, Web 2.0 on December 3, 2012 by Geir Stene

3.desTell your customers what the prices for your products / services are. It may be cost, time or effort.

You are the only one selling something; the rest of us are buying. A purchase has to be of higher value for the customer than the asking price. Remember to tell the customer what the benefits are. And tell it in simple words.

Focus on the value your customer get, rather than the price tag you set.  

…did you read the tip of 1. and second of December below?