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Google vs. Microsoft

Posted in 1 with tags , on September 11, 2008 by Geir Stene

Who to believe? Does Microsoft want to serve the market with great products or services, or do they want to survive? What about google, are they here to let multitude grow ?


To much power hasn’t done anything good for anyone. It seems like it’s a human pattern, that also goes for companies and organizations. Microsoft has been said to be the “bad” due to the market power it has. But is google the “hero”, that take power away from the big powerful MS? Maybe google has come to the point where they just have to much power to handle it?

I’m not thinking of the introduction of their browser, or the gadgets they spread, nor the income from adds alone or the search algorythm or the buy ups, I’m thinking of the sum of it all, the size, the presence all over the plaze, the hunger for growth. And i’m thinking of the ignorance and carelessness of all of us users. google have done one amazing thing, the have become a verb in our languages, that’s something! But is it good for us ?  The answers i have on my lips aren’t to difficult to guess, is it? there are a huge amount of articles, blogs out there about this subject like this article in “Dagens næringsliv” my point is that we as consumers, as companies should be aware of consequences for us and  ou clients!