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What did Barack Obama do on the internet?

Posted in 1 on December 15, 2008 by Geir Stene

public-web-201I haven’t had the time to dive into it so if you wish, fill me in! But the phenomena’s  are there in all directions. And beside everything that’s outside what I’m writing about – it seems like he gets credit for a lot and have a lot to live up to.

My topic on the other hand is internet an innovations that make sense. Did he? I don’t know. He – or what he stands for just might have. In the sense of being (becoming) an icon of possibilities, he was active on the web, no need to discuss that, and I reckon that there will be many studies to come from what happened, so I’ll let that rest here.

But having a public sector that can look at the possibilities of making a difference in a real way is fascinating. Opening up, politics and democratic processes are real options. We do have a time in history where we (yet again) can make a difference. The phenomena Web 2.0 have to me at times seemed meaningless and just another “buzz” word – until it’s given a meaning.  In the private sector it’s seems to go slow, but not at all everything is meaningless. In the private sector the most benefitual for people could be claimed to be virtual dating services. That provides opportunities for love. Something that is not to be overlooked!

In the public sector this might be a little too personal?  What could the public service do, and why? If we start with the latter, the public service has a purpose – which is to serve the population. What does that mean in terms of the internet, and digital opportunities? In my opinion, it means that services should be provided as needed for a cost as low as it can – but with a quality as high as it can at the same time. Internet services are perfect for that! We have tools at hand to measure what people use. We are able to make solutions that are making things easier, and we can, by internet solutions sort out, and find out, how to produce functionalities that are providing public services that has a real impact on people’s lives and make it easier. All at a cost that is far lower than how we do things today. Isn’t that great in a time with economic recession?

I didn’t forget the “what” part. What can the public sector do? Both politicians and administrations can do a lot! A self service solution in all areas is one angle. Digital collaboration is another one, gathering input, and open up for discussions and idea creation is a third one.   The amount of idea creation and benefit from these three options alone is amazing.

So if you’re in politics, what are you waiting for? By opening up, by embracing your community (what gives you all your votes) you will win! By working in the administration, saving cost (or better put; gaining more from the budgets you have) you will win. By being simply a citizen you win. I cannot see anyone not winning – and that is what Barack Obama also saw, and this made him win the election!

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Change is painful

Posted in 1 with tags on December 3, 2008 by Geir Stene

roseIt seems like we all try the best to avoid change. Change demands to face the uncertain and very few of us like that. Nevertheless, however hopeless, to dare to face change also represent the option to come out stronger. This is very much true in the Internet business at the time we are in.
But now there is no way to avoid it, change is here.

Times are difficult in so many parts of the world these days, for so many people, and are so in most areas of work. What did happen is one question. Another possible question is: What will happen? Both are important to gain knowledge to get out of the state we are in, but still the most important question we all have to ask is what do we want to happen next? and start work towards that goal.

In my line of business I want to use my skills and creativity to improve things. Things in my life and things for the customers I work for. Since change is something happening for all of us as we speak, it’s easier to get change to happen. How can I help others to improve things is the focus of what I want to do at the time. Businesses nowadays have serious topics to solve: How to avoid going bankrupt? How to not have to let people go from their work?

In the public sector there’s a lot to be done, that will ease the workload, and thereby provide more resources available to get more done. Public service need to get most out of the budgets in order to do what the public services are there to do: provide services needed to the public. In the private sector it’s not much different, besides providing a profit for the owners; companies in the end of the value chain are doing that: delivering valuable services and products for people. My part of all this is to contribute as well as I can to provide solutions for customers, to find their best way to contribute to make change happen as fast as possible so we can get back on track again. What’s your best way to contribute? What do you want to happen next?