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E – Readers will not only invade us – but will innovate us as well

Posted in Digital business, innovation, IT and communication, Web 2.0 with tags on January 9, 2010 by Geir Stene reports that they sold more e – titles than paper titles for this Christmas. That’s amazing!  The American Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) predicted the good times will continue in 2010 as e-reader sales double again according to Yahoo news

There are many E – readers out there in the market, and Apple is doing it again; We are all waiting, holding our breath, being excited, and hoping for the device Apple will release the 27th of January. They better show of something that gives the “Wow effect” once again!

Skiff and telecom giant Sprint said they will team up to provide newspapers, magazines and e-books over 3G networks for the Skiff Reader. And HERE are some predictions from @martinlangeveld (and others) how the Media owners will do in 2010.

And the E reader isn’t just some electronic paper. It will contribute to speed up the changes I’ve been writing about for quite some time. Just have a look at that Time inc.  is working on in this video HERE

I would hope that we now could skip the cycle of competition of owning the market in terms of hard ware (devise, software, content battle) and jump directly to what’s matter, but it seems like our capitalism isn’t quite ready for that yet. It’s a pity and now we consumers will have to mess around with this for yet some years, until everyone understands that it’s not the device – it’s the added value that counts.

All in all it’s good news in my eyes; these enable content producers of all kind to integrate various kinds of content into one experience. It provides the market to find various revenue streams, easier. This will change brodcasting, news, publishing, music and film industries completely. And as everyone has predicted – We are getting Mobile in 2010!

My question is: How long will it take until we have a completely integrated interactive reading/ participating solution that includes what is now called “social media” ?