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Time to reflect, on blogging

Posted in Digital media, IT and communication, Publishing, Web 2.0 on May 11, 2012 by Geir Stene

Something happened today. It was input from a blog article that made me think.

I got it from twitter. It isn’t my words, unfortunately I didn’t bookmark, so now one of the ones I admire and respect for their meanings are left without credits for the insight I got.

Nevertheless this is how it goes. There are so many bits of information, opinion, statements during a day in my life I can’t keep up where I got it from. This is a touch of a set of ideas changing. Copyrights for one, and social behavior for another. We are brought up in a world where “collective consciousness” was an abstract idea (Jung), not a real phenomena happening to us everyday. (now it is!)

Well, to explain what I realized reading the blog article I read today. It was an article about why do agencies blog? Why do companies blog? Why do anyone blog? And the article pointed out a set of typical “social media reasons” for blogging, and engaging, such as it helps becoming personal, to be rated by search engines to promote your company, to build a personal brand and so forth.

And the author claimed that, despite of all consultants telling you that this is great reasons for blogging, it’s not. Most of blogs are copying (as I do now) other statements, from others without a genuine voice of themselves. Most bloggers are there to fulfill an idea of “have to” instead of “want to”

The blogger stated that most of professional blogs should stop blogging; they have no (inner) desire to blog, or anything of importance to say. One should blog because one wants something. Want to tell something (innerly), want to make a difference, want to point out something that others doesn’t see. Being a copycat is of no use.

I don’t know IF this is what the article really wanted to tell, but this is what I thought was of importance reading it. This is what collective consciousness is all about. You now need to read this posting all over again, because up till now you have had- even if you don’t wanted it, one question in your head: Who wrote: “What I am now referring to?” “Who is this blogger?” You should consider stop blogging, stop reading blogs if this question doesn’t go away, because it is missing the point, its missing the lesson I learned today.

Communicating is about having something to say, that is not put in that manner before, in order to give something, to somebody – hopefully. It’s about joy, communicating and it’s about having some skills in writing.

You might wonder why my blog went back being in English? Well that’s what I learned today. Every Norwegian I want to talk to, are able to read and understand my level of English, not everyone abroad are able to understand what I have the pleasure in telling are able to understand my native language; Norwegian.

For all blog articles from now on I’ll try to: State something that’s on my heart, something that’s not what I see everyone else already have stated, something that gives me pleasure to write about, and hopefully some of you get inspired to act on your own goals in life.

This blog posting inspired me by talks and readings of: @kairoer , and the blog article I commented on in this article was from @mitchjoel and this blog article:

– So dear reader; you got a “pay of” after all, reading this posting to its end. Enjoy life and I’ll love to meet up and discuss !