Iran and Twitter or social media?

Just now, there are very important events in Iran. This isn’t a social media event going on , it’s real life. People are dying in Iran.That is also a fact in  Africa, Europe, Asia, the US and Australia without twitter peoples being occupied with it, people are dying daily due to various forms of injustice. What  this has to do with social media? could be a very arbitrary connection, only interesting for the very few in the world?

I cannot help myself but  thinking that  what the work of social entrepreneurs like Charles Leadbeater discuss  is very important in the discussion of what social media is about. In the subject of Iran these days, it’s just damn important to be awake.  That doesn’t make any other unjust topic in the world less. It’s just another example of how we people are, we are social, we interact. The ways in which we do so is irregular, it simply doesn’t make sense. Logically we should have been as concerned with any other conflict, deaths and problematic aspects in the world, but we don’t. The murders in Darfour didn’t get as much attentions as the Palestine / Israel conflict.

What does this has to do with my blog topic? Internet, innovations and so forth? Quite a lot. There’s no reason for having a industry, like internet, unless it’s connected to “the world” internet as itself have no value. Social media, has no value in itself.  It’s said that (just these recent days) Twitter has an impact on the Iranian news topic. And it just might have on the result but there is some “but’s” . I believe there will be written long white papers on the subject, and I might be one of them doing so. The social engagement is of importance, twitter itself  isn’t.  

This is not a blog posting on pro/con either the one , nor the other one topic, the examples above shows that very important topics find their way into “social media” a last example is terrifying, in Norway ;a young girl had  a horrifying traffic accident these  days, she might live after this, as we know from the media at this date. At facebook it emerge “hate groups”  that attack the drivers involved.(for now, no-one kan know the facts, nevertheless as “social individuals” we tend to “want” a conclution fast)  Social media can also be used to create a mob. Just mind you, yourself and what’s going on. Social media, seen from an innovation standpoint, and IT viewpoint isn’t  all that easy. It’s social, in all it’s effect, that means it also creates e-g- a mob.

In the topic of ongoing serious politics, Iran it’s great , some of ous are able to speak out – on (what ever) now shown by twitter ,  by the way, twitter didn’t know, nor wish for this effect, facebook didn’t expect their community used for creating a mob. The very reason for all of this is that the focus seems to have been on the “media” part of social media – not the “social” part of social media, such as facebook or twitter. Again i’de like all of you wanting to understand what sicial media is about to read the basics; Bordieu, Facault and so fort

Did I make myself clear or not? (knowing that there’s a pile of topics in this one posting…)


2 Responses to “Iran and Twitter or social media?”

  1. Hey Geir, always nice to read you blog.

    Adding to your article, I still have a few questions these days though, questions that I haven’t found yet any clear answers, questions that some people ask around me even, and embarrassed I never know really know what to say, but I feel that I should:

    1 – How does social media, such as twitter or facebook, can have a very positive impact on people lives? like for a whole group, like in Iran for their whole country, as now many of us turned on the green overlay. I can not see how we are actually going to make a difference. It may show as an opinion coming from the rest of the world but we aren’t Iranians, our support ‘vote’ can be ignored and doesn’t count… or does it? and how?

    2 – Did we analyze, experience or somehow measured something positive out of a social media happening such as this one (iran election)? rather than positive only for Me and ego (knowledge, information I digest). I don’t know how to explain. Facebook and Twitter work very well for me. I get loads of info I like to know, that bring a lot to Me, I am just not sure how to explain that it can bring something to MANY (a group, a country …).

  2. Geir Stene Says:

    First, thnax for your comment. And it’s very relevant. Not s easy to comment, since you observe a high complexity in the subject. But let me try to explain my thoughts.
    I don’t know how social media can have an effect, but I do believe that is at times does, for the good, and also for the worse. And I believe it has to do with the social aspect of human behaviours. The so called “Obama effect” or as in my blog post Iranian election it seems to be a mass… humm.. a mass reaction? on something that feels like importnat to involve in communicate. In ther “obama” case – a wish for, something to happen, a collective wish for distaning from the former. In the Iranian subject going on right now, not unlike it. The trouble I have as a human , living safetly in Norway is that my arguments seems a little to intelectual, and not a “risky” way of thinking. I know my experiences, and I know I was in Iran in 81. I know how that felt, not daring to sell my passport on the black market. I know the secret service wached us, and that my actions could damage both parties. In Iran the imporant part is real life, and it’s nothing I have had to face. Twitter, Facebook or what ever is no real risk for me, as it is for someone involed in the Iranian election today. But maybe, just maybe my very little marks in “social media”, is a part of so many doing the same, that it has an impact anyway? The event of the protests of the Vietnam war did have an impact, but Internet didn’t exist, maybe, just maybe the invation of the internet, and social media made the impact of peoples reactions faster, broader?
    To your second question; it seems like you are asking for “forgiveness”? – Don’t get offended, I didn’t mean you as an individual – but what “we” do so often in the “west” is it only our egos? do we do what we do to fulfill out wishful thinking Do we turn “green” just to satisfy ourselves? Maybe the answer is yes. Is that scary? – maybe for me, and you – but not for the rest of the world. Remenber there are very few Salladins walking the earth today – being willing to embrace the “enimy” for sure not if you might be the “winner”… the very braves ones are those Salladins, being able to… To get theese ideas commected to my blog focus, we yet are there wher the idea of why, the option to be abløe to connect to so many , and the speed in wich you can do so is new, the phenomena of being of honours, integrety isn’t new at all. I belive that’s important to remember. We are what we do, the internet , gives us an opertunity to be so in a wider range so to say.

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