Advertising just in time

dec.5_imageWe are “bombarded by messages.” It’s said that we are exposed for 3,500 messages every day. The overload makes us filter out more than 90%. Adverts are messages that are quickly filtered out.

Yet, how great would it be to get the ad you need, just when you need it? Imagine that the sweet deal is there right in time!

In our digital world it becomes more and more possible to formulate messages targeting only those who have a need, where they are and when they want an offer.

Ads can be placed contextual. Commercial messages may be directed to singular users, based upon their behavior. The value of segmentation can easily be increased by geo- location services. began to do such things long ago. Google and Facebook are also working on this and it is no coincidence that commercials on Facebook is bases on the search terms you have made in Google, and that the ads are tailored to your page profile. They are based on who you are, who your friends are, your interests and what you have done on your PC, or mobile. But all this is still in its infancy.

How much of these techniques are you ready to implement in your company? If your company focuses even more on the information you have about your customers,their actions (“big data”) and utilize this knowledge, you can pinpoint your message to those who want it, to those who are in a specific situation or in a given geographic place.

“Be in the right place with the right offer to the right person”


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