The Web will not solve all your problems

10.dec_imageOften, when talking about digital strategy, we think of the Internet and the Web. Front-end and “surface” gets a lot of attention. It’s a bit like judging a car by its body alone.

It is the technology that makes a car move and the driver’s decisions that determine where and how the journey ends. In the digital world it’s the same thing.

Behind any successful digital strategy business management, organizational management and development and implementations of correct technology is key.

E.g. when the public sector offer self-service solutions and application portals, they also have made changes in the organization and workflows. With a great interface and design ‘on top’ citizens experience a simplified contact with the officials.  The government on its side achieves a more efficient disposal of public funds.

Also, when, telecom companies heavily invest in infrastructure in a nation and by that enable all citizen equal opportunities to communicate, to do business, and get access to information and expertise it increases our society’s ability to compete in an international business world.

Yet another aspect; by using digital opportunities at the maximum, businesses can offer employees flexible working methods and attract expertise that was not previously possible.

“No one would think of putting a rubber band engine into a Ferrari!’


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