Seven” right things” to do in digital business today

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As I’ve seen around the world, in blogs, whitepapers and  in discussions with clients everyone realize that we are in a transformational age. But the transformations aren’t isolated to the area of internet and computing business. The world is interconnected!

Seemingly everyone want to be prepared for the ongoing changes, but too many doesn’t know what to do.  Quite a few know what they need to do, but doesn’t know how, and some know what and how, but haven’t found the means or the business models ensuring that it will work. It’s essential to understand that your digital involvement isn’t detached from the rest of the world. There is no “virtual” OR “real life” it’s both virtual AND real life at once.

Your business might be in a situation where there isn’t a choice; it’s either change now or vanish? Your business might be in a situation where the challenge is if you should wait or not?  History shows that those who doesn’t act in times of recession have lost market shares when times are great again. The winners are those who act in times of ressession.

What windows of opportunities do you have in your surroundings? There’s always an option that can be taken advantages of. As readers of my blog would know there are some hints that could guide you to do “the right thing” and find your window of opportunity.

Seven “right things”to do in the transforming world:

1)      Clarify your purpose of the business!
Ensure that your business has a purpose beyond just providing profit for the stockholders. Ensure that the benefits for your customers, and also the society as such, are clearly understood. If your business has an ethical perspective on their activities it’s more likely that you will have a strong position in a transformed society.

2)      Be social!
We are all social beings. That means that your business needs to be social too. We would rather like to identify, connect and interact with a company that has an interest in their partners, customers and their wellbeing. If your partners, customers have a great dialogue and experiences with your company and services/products, they will tell their network and do very effective marketing for you. Old marketing solutions doesn’t work as well as it used to.

3)      Embrace freedom!
Don’t try to control others, including your staff. If you do the right thing, everyone else will. Give your staff, partners and customers freedom and options to involve in your business. They will all help steer your company in accordance with the purpose of your business anyway. (this doesn’t mean that you don’t put up clear expectations and goals)

4)      Be focused!
Make sure that what ever you involve your business with, that it correspond with your purpose. Do not spread out and partisipate with whatever comes along. This will save you e.g. marketing costs that doesn’t support and enhance the purpose of your business.

5)      Be adaptive!
The challenges in the world, in societies and in business haven’t changed much, but the solution and ways of solving a challenge changes rapidly in transformational times. Make sure that you can change in pace with your surroundings.

6)      Be realistic!
You can’t do everything, everywhere at all times. Start with what you can do today, and go from there, but go as fast as you can, remember things have a tendency to change fast in transformational times. Investments (you can afford) done today are the increased income tomorrow.

7)      Be bold, surprise everyone!
Do things that surprise yourself, your partners and your customers, do something above expectations. There is nothing as wonderful for us than seeing someone doing more that what was expected.

I’ve listed sevengreat examples of companies that have done most of the 7 bulletpoints above, and you can read, research and figure out if there are elements you can make your own, that you can adapt or simply get ideas from. (this is just a very brief list as examples)

Virgin and Richard Branson.
It seems like there is no limit to what this brand can hold. Richards drive and determination makes tings happen.
Choice hotels
in Norway and Petter Stordalen
Look at his engagement in the global heating and how he implements this in the chains of hotels he owns.
Sun, Microsystems
and CEO Jonathan Schwartz blog – look at how he’s able to connect with the market, by being honest about what he wants
Tesla motors

Look at how they managed to get a year long waiting list of people that wanted to actually buy a electric care, long before the car was produced. (And the quality of the web page compared with other car manufacturers)
Gazette Communications
and CEO Chuck Peters
Look at how they are really prepared to transform their news and media companies.
and Steinar J Olsen
Look at how they are able to incorporate a purpose that goes beyond only profit for themselves.
and Celine Thommesen
Look at what happens if your purpose and heart is alligned. You don’t need to be big to be sucessful, but you do need to want to do it right, and put a lot of hard work into it.


5 Responses to “Seven” right things” to do in digital business today”

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  3. Geir –

    Your 7 points are right on target. And, I appreciate the mention, and the fact that you rightly categorize us as “prepared”. We have much work to do to realize our recently defined C3 purpose.

    From an implementation perspective, I would make the following comments on your 7 points:

    1. Clarifying purpose in an organization of 500 people is quite a challenge. We have been at it for more than a year. This is the first month we will have clearly interlocking goals in each department, each linked to a major company purpose, in furtherance of our C3 vision.

    2. Being social using new social media tools comes more naturally to some than to others.

    3. Embracing freedom is particularly hard in a traditional permission seeking, hierarchical media business.

    4. Focusing is hard when you are trying to be a Complete Community Connection. We are trying to focus on those foundational activities that will allow the community to develop and retrieve information without our direct management.

    5. It is essential to be adaptive as it is impossible to chart out a two year course in a conference room.

    6. We have to be realistic in our time frames. We are talking about a major transformation. We don’t want to be too far ahead of the market, but also don’t want to be stuck in a defenseless position.

    7. We all need to step up to bold!

    Can I add an 8th? Have fun!

    Thanks for getting this started.


  4. Thanx.- Smile- I really like your comment on “Have fun!” That’s the basis for all that succeed.
    Your companies really have an advantage; your management knows what’s needed and are in charge of making the change happen. Far too many management groups are the one who have the least understanding of what has to be done, and it takes forever getting the message into the board room and understood. My point is that management has to make sure that the “purpose” is clear for everyone – That will empower the organization, partners and customers to by themselves participate in fulfilling the purpose of your business. Hierarchy and “command structures are really only needed when it’s needed to get people to do something they otherwise wouldn’t. Not everyone in the organization “have to” engage in social media, but you have built a structure where those who want to engage are motivated by management to do so. I’m confident that that you will have more than enough people that will. And as Ii say it’s not a digital world OR a analogue – it’s both at the same time. (that makes timing also easier)

    Keep the good work going!

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