What do you measure?

20dec_imageIt is a digital measurement hysteria out there. Everything can be measured of course. But some people have some serious ‘connecting errors’ in their heads while establishing what to measure and how to define “success!


People establish metrics to define effect out of all kinds of things. It’s called SEO, SEM, Scorecard, Conversion Rate, ROI and I do not know what! Measurement has many names. The worst part is: It’s important! But …

For example, you want to measure how much time a user spend on your website. But is it necessarily great to spend a lot of time there? What if the users get their problems / meet their needs quickly? Is that a negative outcome? Measurements will only be of value if you know what you are going to use the answer you get for.

“If you do not know what to use the answers you get for – do not ask!”


4 Responses to “What do you measure?”

  1. […] https://gstene.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/what-do-you-measure/ G Stene forsøke å sette målingen litt i perspektiv ved å fortelle at til og med tiden en person er inne på et nettsted ikke har en entydig oversettelse. Korte besøkstider kan jo både bety at personen har fått den informasjon som trengs kjapt, og dermed er glad og fornøyd, eller det kan bety at personen får et dårlig førsteinntrykk av siden og forlater den. […]

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