Do you have the best business model online?

18dec_imageMaybe your business was established before the internet existed?

It may not be the best model for a digital environment.

Its years back since you could define a business model and relax for a decade.


Perhaps it is wise to provide various products and services in different channels? Maybe you can reduce cost by changing distribution channels? Another way of charging for your services may increase your revenues, or enable you to grow faster?  If you lower prices would that increase sales volume? What options exist for added sales? How would partnerships increase your access to new markets?

When did you last do a evaluation of your business?  Business modeling canvas [ ] is a great and flexible tool for most kind of businesses. The development of network economy (digital economy) now happens so fast that it is crucial to continuously observant and make sure your business models are the most attractive one’s for you customers.

“You need to be quick in thoughts and even quicker in action”


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