A pop song born on twitter “ Nede for telling ”

It’s just great when events happen and it’s clear what made the difference. The age of transformations are here, and it’s not always to easy to find examples of direct impact. Yesterday we got one.

Quite some time ago, one of Norway’s popular and dear artists Bjørn Eidsvåg;  @eidsvag,  came across a tweet from another twitter user;  Helge Torvund; @2rvund. He is also well known in Norway, he’s an author and publish amongst others: Excellent poetry and children’s books.

The twitter message was a short (twitter ) poem by Helge. Bjørn Eidsvåg states that he saw the tweet as a chorus, and asked @2rvund if he wanted to expand the text .-  As most things on twitter; people join into the conversations, and ideas tend to expand. This event could have ended there,with a statement;  “nice text Helge” and a pat on the shoulder. But this twitter message ended up as a great single, released yesterday. You can listen to it here: Nede for telling More of the single @Oslopuls HERE

As a “happening” @eidsvag and @2rvund had a “Tweet conference” to honor the origin of the idea / birth of the text/ song in addition to traditional interviews and “press conference” when this single was released yesterday.

In my opinion it’s an example of how the media transformation takes place in real life; not in sudden dramatic shifts, but in concrete steps along a path that slowly grows wider until it’s the common way of “doing things” in a digital world. Nevertheless it’s the small concrete steps that counts. And as @2rvund states in a twitter message ” It’s odd to think about , but this text wouldn’t be born without  twitter.”


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