Think green IT and data center location

It’s said that Google owns 2% of all data servers in the world. They’ve been working on energy saving programs for a long time, with success. ICT Norway has suggested that Norway could be a perfect location for large server localizations for large enterprises. I couldn’t agree more!

Why would Norway be a “perfect” place to locate e.g. Google’s large server centers? Well there are a lot of good reasons for that.

Norway has a pleasant temperature in summer, and has cold – long winters. That alone reduces the need of cooling of hardware. As we know – cooling needs energy, lot’s of energy. We all know that energy is expensive, and it’s a source of pollution in most areas of the world. Not so in Norway where 99% of all energy is produced by hydro power. It’s hard to find a place with such stable and sustainable source of energy anywhere else in the world.

Norway is a safe and stable country politically. This is important, since nobody as large as Google, IBM, HP and so forth would like to risk placing their core business equipment in a country that is politically unstable area. The same goes for geographical threats, such as earth quakes, flooding, hurricanes, that would threat the supply of energy and the infrastructure of data flow

In Norway we have the knowhow in all areas needed. We have a well developed infrastructure, and Telenor as the fifth largest Telecom company in the world,  the technology aspects are well covered. We have the knowhow within the areas of running large data centers, to maintain and support such facilities. And we have crucial knowhow within all aspects of security. This includes the terror threats that is of great importance. Our military defense has the very best possibility to protect our interests also in this manner.

At last, but not least we have plenty of space. Norway is a waste country with mountains halls ready to be used for the purpose. The need as HP has expressed it is that the location of their data parks shouldn’t be public information, due to the risk that could represent isn’t a problem. “Hiding” a server center in Norway, just have a look at the map!


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