Social chaos or social mash up?

Network_mapWhat is going on?  I have a Facebook profile, a Linkedin profile, a Twitter account, a Slideshare account. I have a Blog (as you might notice since you are here) Yammer, MSN. I should have been active at YouTube, Flickr and a dozen more places to be “up to date”;

I’m apparently not “trendy enough” but then again I also have a job to do. But how to manage it all? And why should I be all over? And what am I to do all these places?

People seems to have the opinion that Facebook is all about maintaining your more private network, whereas Linkedin is for your professional life . On Slideshare we share our professional presentations. Twitter isn’t micro blogging at all it is to share know-how and get information from a trusted network, (and I must add some leisure time where you get unexpected input as I used to do in the old fashioned encyclopedia – reading about stuff, or people I never knew existed – and even better; now I can get to know them on a “#Tweetup” !  The various social media applications seem to become parts of different aspects of my life.

But it gets increasingly more complicated to maintain it all. I want to produce once, and automatically spread the info on various platforms, and vice versa. I want a dashboard that can handle my digital networking life. I want to sort what’s relevant and not, for various parts of life.

It seems like corporations are heading in the same direction. Today I got the news I’ve been waiting for and it’s just the start. Linkedin and Twitter establish a partnership. This is clever! How it will look like I’m not sure of, but I’m sure that it’s clever for both parties. Who is next and what “pairs” are we going to see? I guess we will see a lot of changes and a need for all to stay flexible. I also believe that how we all act now is the shaping force of what will become.


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