Great collaboration ideas

great-idea_collaborationDo you know why so few organizations have started using digital collaboration as a basic way to conduct their business? We really know everything that is needed – Or do we?


I wonder what your thought might be on the subject. Or even better, what are great ideas for start using digital collaboration in your environment, work or otherwise? Do you at all use any digital collaboration of some sort? What arguments do you believe would be the best ones at your company, and towards whom?

I’ll let the question hang there- for a while.


4 Responses to “Great collaboration ideas”

  1. Chuck Peters Says:

    Geir –

    Thanks for the comment on my C3 approaches, and the reference to Charles Leadbeater. As you know from my C3 description, we are trying to create a set of nesting micro-communities based on digital collaboration.

    I just saw a description of this new service for digital collaboration, and have not tried it out, but think it is worth a look.

    Also, see Valeria Maltoni’s recent post on collaboration at

    More later –


  2. Collaboration within the workplace is suffering because we haven’t found ways of working with the existing concepts of shared drives (e.g. Microsoft & Samba’s CIFS implementations) and email (IMAP & Exchange).

    Current collaboration-centric web services will never fully satisfy workplace collaboration needs as there is a strong disconnect between the Web and the Desktop. Technologies are beginning to bridge this divide, for example Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and a few web applications that leverage these “legacy” network collaboration protocols, e.g. Alfresco (

    Unfortunately we are still in a period where leading edge developers have dismissed the positive aspects of these legacy technologies in favor of reinventing new wheels. Likewise proponents of the entrenched technologies have (so far) ignored the demonstrated beneficial aspects of Web collaboration technologies. Let’s hope that in a few years we get to a point where both sides of this divide can get together to create some truly innovative and productive collaboration tools. Until then I am afraid what gets implemented will be piecemeal and for the most part unsatisfactory for general business applications.

  3. Geir Stene Says:

    Thanx Chuck, for your input, and pointing at Valeria Maltoni’s blog. I’ll surely follow both yours and her blog from now on !

  4. Geir Stene Says:

    Thanx David for your comments.
    I do belive that your viewpoints are very much correct when it comes to the economic forces working against, and for a further development on the collaborative elements. As you migt see there also are other forces, that even Microsoft and IBM can not afford to overlook, whitch leads me to believe that we now are in a timespan where changes can happen quicker, than I would have expected a year ago.

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